Saturday, September 12, 2009

103. 15 Second Octopus Doodle

I haven't done a 2-for-1 day since the very early weeks of my blog. But something about my last doodle was just bothering me. Didn't really turn out as I wanted and expected. So here's another quickie for today!I decided to go with my magenta Sharpie paint marker for this one.


Dr. P. Poorluk said...

There's nothing more dangerous than a one eyed octopus! I like this kind of art. When the picture looks different than what you know it is, but at least you know what it is! I tend to shy away from the abstract stuff. But then again, I'm about as artistic as Fred Flinstone!

Jason Curtis said...

I love quick 'n loose doodles, and this one is great.

I'm really digging his single eyeball.

viince said...

thank you thank you! :-)