Saturday, October 16, 2010

142. Twitter

Sorry for the lack of daily doodles! I've been busy. Something in the works. Follow us on TWITTER! :-)

And here's a quick doodle since it's been a while:

(I re-posted this from my main art blog:


kranberrie said...

This one's really cute :) Could you draw a ballerina?? PLEASE?!

kranberrie said...

Scratch that. Don't draw a ballerina, doodle my signature please!!!!! OR even better this picture of me and my best friend:

The one above is my friend zack and i, it's not the picture of my in my kangaroo costume with the blonde kid, it's the second picture of zack and i, we're sitting down.

The one above is a post with my signature and the bottom of it.

Thanks! :D I would love a doodle of either one! :D